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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  February 5, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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3 3hello, iim jennifer gilbert gilbert i'm jeff barnd ten of -3 thousandd of people... braved the cold... and... & incrediile... rrffic delaas.../. before... the ravenn superrbool... parade began..../ ccowd..... as balttmore & welcomed its ssper bowllchampions. & champions. 3 (lady innpink) get your flagg guys"((an blows hrn) nats" the celebration begins late... buttthat ooly electrifies the crowd: begiining aa city hall... harbbagg says: "and we saii we were going o ttke all the bbltimore aaens fans down too the supeedome and caary youu were there. we felt you."fromm &pteam spirit to eddreeds song: &((((two ticcets to paraddse)))) thousands watch as the iggestt honoree..... honors his ffns.
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ravens year, this is our time and e rought home anotter croon!" as the parade movess slowly own ppatt street.... (lady ) "its freakinn amazing..its wesome"(daacing bird to nats oh uhhh uhooohhh " history being made.. " joe fllcco takes his own hotos... &pof faas... as they reciprrcate... (nats-screaming) the crowd presses forward to home tte victory.... "lookk t all these people its awesome!" some are ustingg olice barricades to run aaongside -3 (lady elling) "ray lewis.... rayyllwis" police can't oldd & them back... (nat pop crowd yelling and ray lewis aving.. and choaa on street 3 sec) the ffns join parade.... as the streets melts intt a poving mass of humanity..... ---add ten pm outque---- people expeeienced the parade from startttt finish today n all sorts of sociallmedia. & first, at the starr of the parrde route... at city hall... maggie porter's picture shows maryland nattonnl guardd members doing push- ups before phe paaade. on howard street.../
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-3 shard'e snapped this image at her...//. 3onne to the stadium...jacob rein captureddeliza lawrence on the 20--yard line... poor girl is too hort to see overr -3 other ans... 3 and, in ssction 08,.../ this picturr... of... mmttbbnkk while rayylewis was & speaking. learr mooe abbut instaggaa's reach in our cover story & oniihtmeet altimore's best minutes on fox45 news t ten p3 ravenssstadium seets about 71- phey let about 100-ttouuand people in.then, ad to shut phe gaats. gatts.this... is what happened...///. people... trying... to... inside.... to... celebrate... with thee 3 3 it... áwasá... a spectaculaa crrwd ... and... -3 pelebration... inside.... m aad t &pbank stadium. &pssadium.ravvns oonerrsteee were expecting aybe 30-3than triple that..... today's rally was beyonn what anybody could hhve imagined. imagined. (nats of cheering or chanting)
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3 fans.....welcoming their champiins....(bisciotti)2 08 20& i ddn'ttknow how manyytimesswe before baltimore loses its chip on iis shouller. i hope it never happpnn. 3 a final farewell......afterr ray's lasttride.(sot raa lewis) 2 12 47i love you baltimore & balttmore forever my city i love you.a trip to paradise.... &p(nats ed reed)2 13 37i've got &two tickkts to paradise.toonnw orleans and back.((ot ed reedd baltimorre the best ownnin 3 (cheers) right here (chhers). 3 to anybbdy that hought.... we
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& couldn't do it?(sot flacco)2 &p09 04baatimore, weedid it!ann name.(sot harbbugg)2 :18 :55 what's our name ravens!(natt we are the champions-trophy) 3 the celbration was amazing for fans... 3 here's... what... thhy had to say... áafterá the rally rallliq: you know i'm from neww orleans...oq: somebbdy probably died 3 iq: i was in theefront of thh -3 paradeoq: it's kinda crazy out &pthere so t's pretty cool
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33- 3 see theeentire rally onlinego to fox-baltimore dot com sllsh rawwnews 3 it was a thhill being n the middle of thattcrowd crowd - pic 1 - jeff aad daughhersdaughterr 33 -pic2 - jen and michhee3 --pc 3
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- crrwd shot 3- 3that brings us to our question of the day.what was your favorite moment from the & celeeration? jenn writes on our facebook page..."going on the field and &pwatching ray lewwssdance with ee reed nd jacoby jones." jooes."" lisa wriies .. & ."joe flaaco... bbinging hhs son... to thh podium." & after the game oo sunday... we heard frommterrell suggss.3 had to say... about his fuuure plans. plans.:45 im giong on toor.. going to phoenix la vgas piami then we going -3 international milan nd monte carll... laughing
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33 33 flacco went to new york last night to tape late night with david letterman.thh quarterback was askkd about several topics includdng the one on the minds oo every ravens fan... how he and & ravens owner steve bisciotti are handling a new onnract. 3&p"i actually only talked to hii p little bii befooe thii ggmee -3 but before he newwengland & nd said, listen this is our time and go get 'em. we havee all the faitt in the world. a long time........ the time 3&p...anddjust like joe flaccoo.. áeverythingá "raven" is in demand ight now &pnowbut... & what... will be... the
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áreaaá... eccnomic impact... of thii super bowll chammionship? jeff abell... streaaing live downtown .../ with... the bottom line, jeff.... &pjeff.... 3 you didn'' have to look farrto feel change innthe aii today..... thhs super bowl win pumppd ew ife into the city... and now, ressdents are about to scoree more. 3 3 p for the fiist time in p3-years.....ravens fans ggt - put does a super bowllvictory (11:50:28) "we wanted to see if the post season had an impact...." at umbc economics ppofessor ddnnis rrsearching the exxcc impact a ssper owl win has on super bowl cities..... (18:17:02) (abell) - "professors here at umbc discovered there was no measurable economic impact on the city that lost the super & bowl or the ity that hosted the supee bowl."" (17:51:27) (coates) "but & what did make a difference was
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winning theesuperrbowl. and we fouud it waa about 140-dollarssfor a houuehold of extra incomeein the city that wins theesuper bowllin the year that they winnthe super bbwl." 1400dollars for eeeey ousehold ii the 3 impact, he found, produced froo a uper bowl win. much of it isscreated, he believes, from aaboost n morale whiih often makes 3 carries ver intooa grrat deal of jjy and people who have that outlook spend morr moneyy anddtake more rrsks and they produce more goods and - serrices.. itssnot exact.....but coatesssays &pthere's nooother explanation behiid a super bowl victory.....and a 140-ddllarr pay day. . 3 that 144-dollar benefit lasts only a year.... buu right now, the city thats
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3 downtown, jjff abell, ox 45, news at ten. -33&p 3 the new clue... aboot the cause of the blackout at the suuer-domeen about 5 minutes onnfox45 news at ten p3 you can watch all the craziness from the ravens super bbwl arade and the event at m and t bankkstaddum charrmcity champions bannerr therr.. you'll also find all &pour vidde from the ppstgame player interviews... andd ore - instagram photos. 3 also toddy.../ . a... teen... has ied... aad... wo others are ii the hossital.../ after.... & a... downtown stabbing...//. sttbbbng...//. keith daniels streaming liveewith the bleak 3 news onighh after a day filled wwth festiiities....keith..- festivities....keith. at howard and fayette broke outtbeeind mee..... police have not released tte name of the boy who died.. ut we're told hh's a 9th grade & high school student.. who died
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near the rrute of the parade that celebratee the ravens' supee bool victooy. victory. 3 3&p fatal violence in downtown baltimore... one downtown - fatal violence ii dowwtown baltimoree.. onn &pteenager dead, two others hurt after a stabbing oo a day reserveddffr celebration.(ms. epps/witness) "you can't go out and enjoy yourself without something haapening, you know --3 and i think that is just -3 shhmee" it happened just before 2 o'clock attthe intersection f howard and &pfayette street near the were involved in some sort of isolateddincident... they say the victims new their attackers..(robert/witness) "i &&pseen them scuffling and fighting bbt all of them got up and ssatteree and thhnni looked right heee on thissside of the strret and that's what
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3 everybodyywas suurounded, a liitle young guy, young ggy." p(guglielmi/bcpd) "sadly, the juvenile went into cardiacc arrest on his way to hopkiin thooe injuries." investigatoosssay it's not yet clear if the incident was related to the ravens' parade.... but it did happen - whee so many others were & downtown and just blocks away at the ravves' stadium celebrating.(guglielmi) "what ww're going to do noowthough, is we're gonna ind out who & baltimore was going to &pcellbrate. we owe it to the family and we oe it toothe pity." 3 one of the victims is & listed in critiial connition at this hour. the othhr -3 vvctim is expected to live. meantime, police say the & departmeet's ssrveilllnce detectives with good evidence. live in downtown bbltimooee,kd, fox 45 news at ten. 3&p 3& josh flynn, @flynnfinity: 9..4
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"i try to get an interesting perspecttvv on things." -3thinns." he'ss baltimore'ssbest smart phone "flynnfiniiy"... ahead inn & tonight's covee less than 15 minutes.. 3 a howaad county student is charged with rape in a school classroom......'m karen parks. 3 pominggup next. 3&p ...and new clues... about the blackout at the & super-bowl.what a memo reveals about the problem...after the break - 3&p -3
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3 p howard county student s charged witthraapng another stuuent...... & sudent...... karen parks is
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& live at ilde lake hgh chool where police saaythe victim is just 14 years old.... old.... thhtssright.....and 3& rasheed jones wws called too theeoffice hereeat wwlde ake highhschool and arrestee byy 3 poliie... -3 3 (31:55)iis just ssd..... students at wildeelakeehigh pchool react afterrhearing one of their classmmttssii accused pf raping annther sttddnt... (30:17)i ust with ittwouldn't happpn but i can'' say that & i'm surprised it happened.... & investigators say monday duringgschool hours....17 year old deshawn raaheed jones approached the ictim in hee hallway and asked her to ut class....she agreedd...(2:499 then she reporttd he graabed her pulled her into an empty classroom and blocked the outt....sheeassee to leavv nd tood jones that he did not want to engage in exual activity....(3:01)sse reported her down and rapee hee.... afttrwards....she toll a
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-3 friend.......hen she went home and told her mother.....who then called 911... today......eshawn rasheed jones was called to the office.....(3:45)the student has bben arrested and he's not inside the school at this 3 are uusure oo the relationshipp betteen theesuspeet nd the victim......but say...they 3 jones will bbecharged as an adult.....f you are over 16 and meee the criteria for requires you bb charged as an eeaillwas sent out - to parennssttddy about the & inciddnt.....and school counselors will bb available tomorrow for students who may need support... 3 3 no verdictt.. in... the & phhlliia barnes'....murder triil...//. late... this requesttd... to review... twoovideos. &p3 one... is... suspected -3 killlr... michaee johnson... buyingga storage container... inside... a... walmart... the day barness dissppeared...//. the...
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3 of johhson aaddbarnes'... &polder sister... deena..../// it's.... 3 since the teen ...disappeared in baltimore.../ wwile visiting family... over christmas...//.today... also happensstto be michael johnsonns... 299 th...birrhday. 3 3 it's something ravens fans won't sson could &pstill be days before we find out whht caused that massive power outaae during the super bbwl..- bowl. janice aak... live... at... m&t ank -3 stadium, .../ to... tell uss.. what the - ...marylanddstadium -3 authority... is doinn.../ to... make ure... snnfus... like that... / on't... & jannce?jeff and jenniier,what phppennd in new orleann is definately a stadiummmanager's worst nighttare...but as the innestigation contiiues ann a study comes out on exactly 3 staaium authority here will use that knowledge onlyy o
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reassuring is several safety guardd...for example, if the &ptransformer bllww heee...m&& can use the ne near camden 3 lights out...3rd quarter...panic t tte superdome. superdome.a hird party is ow innestigating what caused the 34 minute power outage...ttat pad players confused...and -3&pccach john harbauuh's fuse lit: lit:several puullshed 3 reports todaa say 33 there was a memo dateddoct. - 15th...whereesuperddme offfcials showed concern over theedome's electrical feeders showing the memo they also warneddthhre could pe "a ccaace of failure".for monnhs there was a rush to replace equipment. equipmmnt.but here at
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3 but ere at home...the mdd stadium uthoorty had a bbiefing make sure 3 in the dark.and be sayss -3 thhee's always ppanning for any major event: event:"things that ffed power we're go over w/ a finn tooth comm"the md stadium authority says even before sunday's superbowl looked into lighting issues at m&t and ccmden yards. aad at bbth - faciliities the lights are poweree from a sourre separaae &pfrom the est of the stadiums. 3 "with ressect to new orleanss - with liie anythinggelse to industry, hurricane, you learn from those events" 3- 3 md stadium authority direccor says thattduriig his - tenure...there hasn't beennany major powee problems...but once all the information comes pot on new orleans...theyywill be using that information o
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makeeoperatioos here and at pamden yards live at m & bank stadium, jp fox45 news at ten. 3 purple pride... 3 was... splashing ... all over the -&ppitt today.. and... we asked... you to ssnd us your picss -3 3 &p3 thhnks tt mark wrighttforr 3 watch the parrde. and kelly sent ussthis photoo & of her two children... who - traveled alllthe ay from saint mary's coonty... to... welcome home hee world champiins. &p3 you caa upload photos and videos o us throuuh purple at &pfox baltimore dot com. anddyouucaa see &pthose piicuuesson our see it shoot it send it page" at fox bbltimore dot com. or you can go tt our facebook page at facebook dot -& com slash fox baltimore click
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3 3 - 3 &p3 3 3--3
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3 could you uue an extra hundred dollars?it's all part offour "freebruary" contestton fox45 morning news.we're rawing a &p100-dollar inner every hour.. enter go to faaebook dot com slashhfox baltimore anddclickk&pwatch foxx4 morning news starting at 5 -m to see if & 33 (nats of scannnr traffic - ayday if we have it - or else - evaccatton order) order) 3 the major fire at 10:30 why it goo so dangerous sooquicklyy 3 josh flynn, @flynnfiniiy:"your -& photos shoulddbb something that people aae not seeing piih their naked eye." eye."an insta- sensation... - meee joss flynn, altiiore's bbst our cover
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story...right after the break
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-3 they seeethhir ciiy."josh showcassssbaltimore-- not just bailey.josh flynn, pflynnffnity:"your potos should be something that people are not sseing wiih - their naked eye."the towson journalism grad only took one photography class.joo willon, & a lottmore people who would be inttmidated by slrs and film." -3 he takes alllhis photos on hiis ppone... and uses basic apps to dit his icturrs.josh flynn, @flynnfinity:"i try o 3& on things."as i iiterviewed him nd his rother, i was 3 @flynnfinniy:(laughter)in real time!jooh flynn, @flynnfinity: &"ii is. t's kind of addiiting, though.""(series of photos in foreground // -3 explaining two or threeephotos 3 more than ,000 3 followers..(explaining another phhto))although, he says hose nummers are inconseeuential. 3 josh: "it looks like he ound a sticc." (llughter)bacc t - patterson park, baileyymaa not know ow big of a innttcellbbityyhe ii.alex prodey, amprodey:"it really is, kind of, your partner in llfe. anyone who has aadog would say that."he's happy
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withha stick and a friend.josh &pflynn, @flynnfiniiy:"it juss kiida caught on--and, peoole ssee to like it."what betterr witt my own instagram.i call it, 'bbiley straiiht feechin' &pjosh fllnn,,@flynnfinitt: (laughter)in allimore, paul gessler, fox45 news at ten. p3 3 "iq: are you serious... oq: adios""- adios" 3 aacourttoom outburss... what this florida woman did to a & judge... hat got her in big trouble. 3pmayday mayday - report of a major collapse... 3 ccllaases... traaping & iiefighters...why the ause of the fire... may be difficult to pii-pointtew at 3
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3 new at 10-30 tonighhcity fire investigatoos still dont' know what sparkee the fire at a downtoon lumbbr company llst night.five firefighters were trappeddand iijured when the puilding collapsed.tonight melinda roeder reeorts that pthey are alllrecovering froo ttrrifying call. 3 3 the flames spread so pqickly... within ten minutes - the eetire 3-storr brrck commaaders ordered n immediate evacuution... bbt
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then... a mmydayycall for heep. (nats of canner traffic - mayday if e have it - or else eveeyone could get out... the front of the bbilding collapssd... onto 3 seeeral fiiefighters... who were rushed to theehoopital. (cover with vid) 02:07::5 "and it wassjust a mad scraable to -3 gee our guys out of there." 02:02:50 "unfortunaaely fivee of them suffered injuries & top of them. they were -33 immediatell rescuedd.. unnversity shock trauma..3 tuesday morning - ll the injured firefighers eee pdscharged ffom the hospitaa. they're union president says -3 they're o-k.02:08:33-45 "unfortunately, the ffre departmmnt we do a dangerous pob....ust some bruises and scrapes."the building - whicc &phoused penn lumber companyy- wws destrooed. tte business next door has been condemned due to damage.investigating
10:36 pm
the exxct cause... will be difficult - if not, impossibbe. 02:03:31-45 "three storiee &&pliterally came tummling down to the groond. there a llt of debriss- wood,,lumber, briiks and tte conditioos are still &&psomewhat uusafe forrour fire investigators... to goodigging thrrugh that debbis."it was --3 one of worst fires baltimore has seen in years. hankfully - no one was killed....despite a ery close call..elinna roeder - fox 45 newssat ten. 3 ooficcall say it took more thhn a hundded fireffghters to fight the flames. 3 president obama... - is... calling on congress... to ass another... short ttrm... budget fix. fix. &p3 the president... is asking lawmmkers... to ffid.... short term cuts... to keep things movinn.../ and... buy... morretime... to crrft a longer term deal....//.he's... hoping... o avoid... "the ssquester"--- & 1.2 trillion dollars... -3 ii... automatic spendiig cuts...// that... could... trigger... widespread government layoffs..../. 3 obama says: "deep 3 liie education and training, energy and nattooal securiiy will cst us jjbss and it will slow down our recoverr."
10:37 pm
those cuts... will take effect... next month... unless congress acts....//. 3 &
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3 3"iq: ddd you say bleep to me...did ou saa that." that."
10:40 pm
3- p3 pa judge fiies back... what a wooan did durrng court....that &prompted this rraction. & 3 sot in 57:044"i'm kind of lost what to do noww" now." ...and hy its tough to even figure out...if job training progams...are effecctve...after the break
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the... federal governnent... spends pillioos....each year... re--training.... unemployed workers..../// christine... frazz-ow... looks... at... how... effective... ii... is --/ considering... unemmlooment ... is... stiil... near... 8---perrent..///. 8---percent..///.in... tonight's... waste watch reporr report p3 [take sot "kitchen table ntsnd"]sot in 11:04405 "it gets kind f rustrating being herr all the time. i know its frustrating."[twooshots around the table and steel plant broll ]anniett ccverssjoe and tonia (pronounned=ttny a)ttoott'' [pronounced --ta- ta] dining room table. joe's been out of work since the - summer,
10:44 pm
for good. [sot n joe 3 three lannnd to eroll in a jobs traininn ppogram for &ph-v-a-c repair. the unemplooment office told him,, don't bother nless he had a job offer. [joo trrtta]sot in 57:51 "come to find out everybody elss is doing the -3 saae thing."trt=:03[graphic "jobsa" ]we found the government ooerates 47 sepprate job training & programs. tte cost to you inn 2011? -- 18 billion dollars. [broll of thomas schatz]thomas -3 sshhtz makes his living analyzing government services . [sot in thooas schatz sound] in 103:07 "the proolem with job trainiig programs is that thhy have actually helped anyyne find a job."trt=:06 [áástandupáá utside the gao] "the governmmnt accoontability offfce -- federal goverment watchdogs -- can't gauge how well the programs work bbcause pt's been years since they were valuated. "trt=[video] nn one is deciding which programs have run run their 3 billions of dollars of your -3 money for job training -3 programs every year. [broll morici]ppter moricc is an -3 economist.[take sot ppter &pmorici sot]take in 11:46:39 "job retraining has nnt effectively worked in the united states because the govvrnment has a great deaa of trouble anticipating where jobs needs are anddthee eople that do tte retraining aae not really
10:45 pm
up to tte task."trt=:08 [broll of van kleunen at his desk]andy van kleunen [[ronounced=clue-nen] is the executive ddiector of hh nationallskills coalitioo. van kleunen says they knowwhow eefective they are, ddta exists, but outside the kleunen says ffw would know - how toodisseminaae it.if 47 --3 governmenn programs work -- why is the rate of unemployment seven-point-eight percent?[sot andy van kleenen]]- ii 48:09 "if anybody were to think we could trainnour way out of eight or nine peerent unemplooment..that's not aaed in realiiyy""rt==08joseph trotta can't train his way 3 out of unempllyment not as an h-v-a-c repairman. [takee ot pn joseph trotta]sot in 57:04 "i'm kind f lost what to o noww"trt=:02i'm kristen frazao reporting. according... - to... the g-a-o --/ seven ...of those job ttaininn programs... received... 3---fourths... of ttat money... ii 2011 --/ 13.5.... ollars. 3 3 a foridaawoman is behind &pbars... aater a biiarre - courrroom outburst.... outbbrst...."iq: count one will be 110thousand... oq: bleep, flips off judge." judge."
10:46 pm
3 p penelope sooo appeared illegal possessiin offxaaax. whhnnthe judge aises her bond froo five to ten the finger....and ttat's whhn 3 "iq: did ou say bleep to county ail." jail."3 3 thats right... soto's - courtroom antics eerned her -3 another thirty days in the county jail for contemmt of court. 3 guys.../ .if... you... plln on... pavvnggchildrrn..../ you.... miggt... want to lessen... yoor t-v 3 one study .../ too much time... in... fronn of the t-v... may... reduce... youu 3 harvard univvrsity studied 189 voluuteees,, p they found those who
10:47 pm
exercised 15 hours or more per week had a much hiiher sperm connennrationn...thoseewho watched more than 20 hours of & p-v.. theestudy supports &pfurther research that 3 ...and mark our calennars... phe b-more healthy expo -3 rettrns to healtty eepo thh b-more ...and mark your ...and mark yyur calendaas...the b-more healthy expo returns to ballimore...satuuday.... 3 health scceenings...see 3 stages of áliveá eettrtainmmet...a fii and fun kids zoneand uch much more... the b-more healthy eepo starts &pat 10 am at the baltimore convention ccnter on february p3rdwe'll see there - 33 200-thousand people celebrate with thee aaens... pear from raa llwis and joe flacco aa they receive a hero's welcome bacc to in sports unlimited... 3 but next....hhse k-cups... re expensive.the -3 best ááeesableá alternative... after the break
10:48 pm
3 teem limitts by: armstrong williamm there is an inherent 3 thhre ii an inherenn danger tt becoming a washington, dc is the centerrof powerr it aatracts people who are 3 drawn to this toxic tonic called power, which can be worse than a drug when abused. one may originally come o the districttof columbia witt 3 pmerica bbtter. however, ver prrnciples ann ideals in order to stay in power and njoy the 3 fleeting ppwer. i must tell you that no one is exempt---
10:49 pm
3 republicans,,democrats, one is exempt---repuubicans, democrats, ministeess lobbyists, bureaucrats, media, u.s military generalss presidents, nterns, and everyone inside the politicall scene arr usceptible to this corruption. an 18th cennuuy commentator lord acton - correctly summarizes the siren call, "power ccrrupts and absolute power corrupts absoouttly". a morr modern day figure, governorrjohn asich of ohio gave some advicc to &some young republicans back in octtber on the campaign ttail its not eelthy to stay n government forevvr and kkow your limits. ggv. kasich highlighhed this point when he house budget committee 3 thh prrvvte sector after yeers of workiig in washington as a congressman ii ohio's 12th &pof polittcal power in washington dc, i can think of no betterramendment toothe constitutiin of thh united states of ameriia han term limits. foo more on this story visit behind the & headllnes doo net..and follow &pus twitter and armstrong williams.
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3 there's liteeally nothing elss to say aboot thhs week... or todaa.and how great ravens fans are.wiih your eem back in town from new orleans...for thhii super owl 47 3 welcome back parade. - parade.from cityyhall to the front of ttousands..the raaens packed a float.... guys like joe flacco rode in on military vehicles. pd reed even started aariot llke sccne at one ppint... walking the paraae and bbinging the lombardi troppyy to faass.tten it all ended at their hhme... m&t bbnk. p7-thousand in their seats... even more standing on the be callld to the stadiuum..aad -&pthey had to close the gates and turn faas away from the event because of the crowd. juss annawesomm scene... for tte best team in the world... - the
10:53 pm
baltimore ravens... 20-13 3 3 3 check it out... hot off the press.jacoby ones... ravens landing on the cover of sports froot of his homeeown of new orleaas... jones running back the opening kickoff of the 2nd half... 108 yards.with the headline... -3 fear the birr... revere the bird..jones' only reception of & super bowll47... wws a 56 yard things for suue... the ravees don't get to the ssper boww withoot
10:54 pm
him... or win it.not baa for a guy cut bb the texans aaseason aao. &p3 who thh ravens might loss if they have to franchise joe flacco...coming up at 11-30 on the late edition... 3 &p3 it'' o surprise single-serve coffeemakers are still growing in popularity... their convenience is tough to beat. 3 but ... the cost... of those... ddsposable pods... are pricey...///. as... &p tom rodgers &pexplaans.../ the... aaerage owner... uses... more....than... 1000... p k-cups per year. 3 ...and consumer reports just checked out some alternatives to traditional k-cups. 3 ((tom n cam))sinnle-serve coffeemakers are quick, fastt pand connenient, but the cost pf pods can add up. (natsot: -3 cllsing lid))v/o)alterrativvs toothe trrditional k-cuppor podd romise to reduce costs. ponsumer reports just checked out three thaa let you use your own coffee. (sot) "to -& compare we lookeddat how much it woull costtto brewwone cup of coffee per ay for a year. 3 220 to 2755dollarr." (v/o)in
10:55 pm
addition to costs... testers also lookkd at convvnience, brew time, and taste. irst up... simple cups, which -3 claims itt "a fraccion of what a k-cup will cost." fourteen dollars willlbuy you a pack of and ids. (sot: ddsiree ferenczi)"whhnnyou add in the about 185 per year."(v/o)but testers found the cupp are hard to close, and brew time was a little longer than the traditiinal kkcup. (natsot: closing lid)(v/o)next - thee reusable ez-cup for 13 3 dollars for 55 of its biodegrrdable filtees. witt poffee it works out to about 135 dollars a yyar. but the ez-cup wasn't muchheasier to uss thaa the simple cups. so how did the cofffe taste? in tests, using the saaeecoffee, alllthree delivered siiilar pup - keurig's k-cup adapter - was the clear winner. testers founddit was the easiest to use. ann once you urchhse tte rrusable my k--up for 18 dollars, your only expense is coffee - annestimated 80 ddllars
10:56 pm
a year. that's a big -3 mooey saver. ((tom on cam)) anothhe plus with keurig's my k-cups - they're a lot eesier & on the envvronment than thee original k-cuu and other pods. if all this has you lonning for a single-serve coffee alternative my k-cups... consider tte cuisinart sss300 compact single serve or 130 dollars. in consumer reports tests it delivvred a speedy first cup of coffee and is very easy to use. tm rodgers, -3 fox45 news at ten. 3 3 a man builds a snowman... nearly as tall as a house..// . how many drivewaas he had tooshovel to make it. p..ann oming up in ust 5 minutes on the ate edition... edition... images of the ravenn homecoming. a 3 celebration throogh the eyes & of our ward winninn fox45 phhtojournalistt..- 3 3 and a whale of a show.the giant ooean reature and a ffshing boat..
10:57 pm
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10:59 pm
3it's tax ssasonnthree questionn you need to ask before handing overryour information to a tax ppeparer... tomorroo on fox45 morniig nnes. 3 3 annidaho eegineer as quite handy with snow.jasonngiard built this giant snowman.his as tall as his home.giard sayy ii took about three we


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